Meeting in Padova

Padova2019 - 20

Pupils and teachers from partner schools from Portugal, Germany, France and Poland participating in the Erasmus+ Eupantec2019 project from 09.12-14.12.2019 stayed at the "Istituto Istruzione Superiore Pietro Scalcerle" in Padua in northern Italy, in the Veneto region, in a school with 150 -year history to implement the first mobility activity under the working name "Padova Motion"
The purpose of the meeting was to explore new technologies that can be used in teaching physics and to exchange experiences and ideas.
For 4 days, training sessions were held as part of workshops in the physics laboratory, as well as education during educational trips to the University of Padua, the "Museum of the history of physics" and the historical astronomical observatory "La Specola".
Padua was an excellent choice to implement the subject of "Movement" because it was in this city that he lectured and conducted his Galileo experiments, here Copernicus took his education. The first woman in history (the 17th century) also studied here. Students could learn about the rich resources of teaching aids used by physicists, astronomers from the 16th century, they even saw the preserved platform from which Galileo taught.
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French preparation for the meeting in Padova

French team is ready after preparation in Poitiers. The preparations look interesting.
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Portuguese preparation to Padova

Portuguese team is preparing the first EUPANTEC meeting with the realisation of a weekly workshop, Fridays, 14:15H – 16:00H. In these workshops we are working on the physics and in the technologie skills needed for the short-term exchanges, with focus in some contents that are not lectured in Portuguese curricula.

These workshops are also have been useful for creating bounds between the students, and to enable the teachers to evaluate theirs potentialities, tastes and capacities.

The participation of our school in this Erasmus+ project has been noticed in local media and in our school.
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Polish preparation to Padova

The Polish team is preparing for the project meeting in two ways, building knowledge of new technologies (Arduino, sensors, go-direct sensors from Vernier and physics classes. The Polish team works in two age groups: 15-16 year olds and 17 year olds. To the meeting in Padua they will want to show the use of optical gates, motion detector for motion testing (pendulum, mass on the spring, speed, position, pendulum period and more).20191104_122915 Read More…

Teachers training in Povoa de Varzim (Portugal)

More then 11 teachers from 5 countries participated in very important trainings in Rocha Peixoto School in Povoa de Varzim from 8.10.2019 to 10.10.2019. The content of workshops was very ambitious and a bit difficult for the start:
New teaching technologies in physics lessons such as the use of Pasco,
Vernier and Texas Instruments tools,
Using the "Phyphox" smartphone application to conduct experiments,
Introduction to Arduino IDE,
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Teachers Training in Portugal

From 8 of October to 10 of October our teachers can participate in Teacher training in Povoa de Varzim (Arrival 7. of October, departure 11 of October) Read More…

Project accepted!!!


We are very pleased to announce that our project has been accepted and received 100% of the planned funding. We have received a total of over 133 thousands of EUR. Read More…

Preparatory visit in Kozienice

Under constuction

Please watch clip from local TV in Kozienice (Poland)

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