Energy in Kozienice

From 11. of October to 16. of October 2021 in Zespół Szkół Nr 1 im. Legionów Polskich in Kozienice, there were 24 students and 8 teachers from schools from France, Portugal, Germany and Italy. The meeting was also attended by 13 students from Kozienice and several Polish teachers.
The purpose of the meeting was to work together on the Erasmus + Eupantec2019 "Physics and New Technologies" project and to implement subsequent tasks included in the project plan.
This very advanced and ambitious project set very high requirements for the participants.
Each of the participating schools prepared some activities for the workshops in Kozienice, although the main burden of preparing the workshops rested with the hosts of the meeting.
The title of the meeting in Kozienice is "Energy", as the facility in Kozienice cooperates with Enea and the nearby power plant. In connection with COVID-19, we also caught up with France in the project and included the outstanding topics: Environment and Society.
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Teachers Training Fürstenfeldbruck

The Training training (C7) took place from 09. of September 2021 to 25. of September 2021 at Viscardi Gymnasium Fürstenfeldbruck. The training was attended by physics and computer science teachers who came to Munich to build their knowledge necessary to continue the Erasmus + project "Physics and New Technologies", the idea of ​​which is related to the use of new technologies in teaching physics. The subject of the training was very ambitious. The Polish team conducted training on the use of Micropython, Raspberry Pi Pico microcontrollers and sensors to perform physics experiments. Read More…

Good news from Poitiers

On June 25, at Poitiers LP2I, the project coordinator Paweł Boryczka EUPANTEC2019 met with the school management and the French project coordinator. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the objective problems caused by the epidemic situation and staff changes, which had a large impact on the implementation of the project. The perspective of activities for the next school year was also discussed. We are pleased to announce that we managed to reconstruct the team of teachers implementing the project. We warmly welcome 3 more French teachers who agreed to be part of our team. Many thanks to the Director Mr Pierre Raffi and the coordinator Mrs Valérie Deforge. Read More…