Smog measurement with Raspberry Pi

Python script for smog measurement. Seeedstudio HM3301 sensor with I2C connected to Raspberry Pi. Simple, Spartan version, without GUI. Next step: mobile version with GPS.
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Raspberry Pi camera with digital sensor. Video experiment: illuminance measurement

Using Python code to record a movie with a Raspberry Pi camera. The measurement of the digital light intensity sensor is displayed on the film in real time. One Python script does 2 tasks. The movie is entirely made by Python script. No video editing app required. Everything is done in a dozen or so lines of simple code.

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Raspberry Pi with 2 analog LM35 termperature sensors

in this example systems of 2 temperature sensors, the first measures ambient temperature and the second thermometer measures the temperature of the ice-water mixture. Result printed in console of Raspberry Pi. The main part of the system is a very accurate converter ADS1115 from Texas Instruments. Python 3 script. The base for many experiments with analog sensors.

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